The mind is a control room. Today its mission is to learn to handle the controls. Learning this process now provides you with a critical element to make your business fast forward. Of course, you can apply the practice to other areas of your life.

Please note that this is the best certified NLP practitioner best but here you can find out yourself and practice it if you do not get to a doctor, just as learning self-discipline.

"Your mind control room" NLP techniques taught here, a practice that is:

  • Give you confidence to do everything you need to reach the next level in your business building efforts.
  • This process will help you reach your mind control room.
  • This helps you get a higher level of consciousness where …
  • Solves "Programmed Answers" (AKA Problems)
  • You can then redirect and reprogram these old answers to new fashions that work better in current life situations. Wait until we get here a very short NLP definition for those who are new to this neurological branch: NLP is about changing restrictive beliefs

    • Neuro: About Neurons Using Devices Used by the Brain
    • Language: it is related to the language used, the words we say to ourselves and to others
    • Programming: How does it work, how does it work? 19459009

    For over 30 years NLP has developed a number of methods to optimize our faith to create new opportunities and opportunities. This special process increases the consciousness of personal power. Additionally, you can increase your creativity and distribute energy slices. I recently used to "get rid of" a nasty little habit. The result? You are reading here; I finally started my online business after talking about them for years!

    own thoughts and answers to learn key success factor in this increasingly competitive and complex world. Regardless of whether you are a powerful executive or a small professional in a small private practice – the greater the confidence in taking new steps, the acquisition of new business skills, sales or marketing techniques – the more business, customers, and customers prefer

    When you consider this Control Room, this higher level can be considered computerized. The old, problematic responses to the problems were DEFAULT. This mode is set to react over and over just by using limited resources that you have encountered in the past and encountered similar problems. To get new and more efficient, responsive responses, you need to give new and clear instructions. This is similar to PROGRAM UPDATE to use the computer language

    So, a comfortable chair or sofa, find your favorite relaxing music, preferably headphones, so that it does not disturb you and take this trip to the Mind Control Room … You have a partner, a friend or a family member who can read the script below will be much easier to read or read and listen for reading From reading the words to words – this is not the way you experience the experience. I'm running the script as soon as I want you to start practicing this basic information so you can do practical business applications

    So now let yourself be thinking about a business or practice where you want to experience some positive change …..

    "Imagine having 10 steps ahead of you What is the Mind Control Term It will lead, very soon yo will move to higher levels of consciousness, the central nervous system control room and your mind and body for all communication of U. This system is the control center and controls all functions – Simple communication, such as feelings and desires – for complex processes of internal healing, body functions, behaviors, and information processing.

    The mind / body is a hologram that acts through the central nervous system through the hypothalamus. This area of ​​the brain works with computer operations and communication centers to keep the current circumstances stable. It also redirects and redirects new, healthy, workable changes. Up to now, his mind has done all he could to do with the challenges of his life, and he knew how much he gave from the available resources at that time. And if the responses are set up, from the moment that a computer program starts, it starts out as a computer program until these previous answers are programmed again.

    Now is the time to become a more active participant and redirect the programmed responses. A more favorable response to each step … now you go to the higher level of your consciousness and into the mind control room.

    So, counting … 1 … Go ahead 2 … a higher degree of awareness and choice at each step … 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10.

    The door in front of you is INSPECTION ROOM. As you move forward, the door opens quickly and easily and is now in your INSPECTION ROOM.

    Observe all panels of different colors and different brightness lamps. Each panel has descriptive labels, and each light bar has a lever or control button attached to each part of the body and body.

    Take Care of Your Key Business or Life …

    Get to the panel and notice the response dial and the brightness or blur of areas of energy and communication. This DEFAULT response remained in place. You can now change it. Use the control knob or arm to adjust the dial and circuit brightness to the most appropriate level.

    You do not even have to know how to do this because you have unconscious mind already Know how. As you change your dialing setting, announcements about that change will speed up your needs and make the changes you make.

    There is a large 3-dimensional holographic screen in the room. Observe as you use the Control knob to change the colors or intensity of control circles to any area when you change the settings. Good, you do not have a better control of your own needs.

    Is everything okay with ignorance that they are now continuing these changes and are implementing these new responses? If not, what should the changes be made? Take a look at asking the different parts of your control room what to do to improve the situation or what beliefs you have to change to a current and functional belief to make that change.

    If so, it's okay to make the changes, that's great!

    Are there any areas you need attention and where is the need for a positive change? If so, go to the control button and repeat, notice color changes, intensity changes when the settings are changed. You can repeat these control button settings in the other area of ​​attention.

    Now the time has come for a moment to return to a normal waking consciousness because the unconscious mind will continue the process of change. All important areas to which the desires are associated.

    You just walked back to the door as you lock yourself safely and return to your normal waking consciousness

    10..9..8 .7..6..5..4..3. .2..1 … Awakened and refreshed, Stretch! See for yourself in the future to take part in business tasks and overcome any obstacles you have prevented entry to the Defense Room. You can trust that the changes you make will be of good use to you and remind you to return to your preferences whenever you want. "

    Disclaimer: Please note,

    The material in this article is for educational and information purposes only and does not intend to replace professional counseling, therapy or medical treatment. Nothing in this article serves to diagnose or treat the pathological or illness of the mind and the body. This author is not responsible for any result of reading or applying information. All information, techniques, skills and concepts on this site are in no way recommended for technical assistance and are not intended to overwrite such professional assistance. Use of the programs, tips and information contained on this site is the sole choice and risk of the reader

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