Traditionally, when waxing is taught, it is advisable for students to apply a layer of talc powder to the waxed area. There are several things you can do: keep the area dry and make the treatment a bit more comfortable as the wax adheres to hair and not to the skin.

Use of oil may seem unusual They teach you to use a waxy cleanser to remove dirt and oils from the skin before waxing. But if the therapists tried to wax the oil, they rarely go back to the dust. The oil works between the skin and the wax with a lipid seal – essentially a very thin oil seal. Since the wax does not stick to the skin, removal is easier and less painful for the customer. When using the oil for abundant waxing, where the skin is very thin and fragile, it can reduce the risk of wear and tear.

It's important to choose the right oil, ideally a very light oil. If the oil is too thick or heavy, the wax does not stick. I personally find that Perron Rigot Jasmin Oil is one of the best products for this purpose.

If you use an oil before applying a wax, you need to remember less about the thumb, so you have to use it very little. Prepare the customers area by waxing with a waxy cleaner such as Perron Rigot with a blue cream, then apply small amounts of oil to your hands – just a few drops. Discover the hands of your hands and then rub the oil on a wax-trained area

Remember to use only scattered covers if you find too much oil on your skin, just wipe it with a Wax Ribbon or a sofa coil. You will find that this leaves a perfect amount of oil on the skin.

When wax is applied to the skin, if it finds that it does not stick to the skin and slip around, do not panic. Just remove the wax as normal, then wipe the area with a wax ribbon.

When wrinkling large or complex areas, it may be necessary to use more oil to protect the skin. Do not worry about too many apps, you can always delete all excesses.

Oil can also be used as a great wax product when using warm sticky wax to remove any sticky residues. After finishing the waxing before applying your post wax cream or product, apply large amounts of oil to your hands and rub the area, then use a cleanser on a cotton pad to remove the oil and wax residue. After cleaning, apply the selected wax product

Use it for recycling before waxing, after being waxed thoroughly after waxing.

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