When wiping men's clients, we often stay clean with wax between the waxy and not thin body parts. This is a classic example of the back and shoulder wax, most men shoulder the shoulders of the deltoid muscle. This has the advantage of holding the hair over the sheath of the shirt, but for a particularly hairy client this can still be a problem.

There are a number of ways to mix with the hair, usually in combination with the best and most natural appearance.

Before starting waxing, be sure to consult with the customer about how much they want waxing. Be aware of where your clothes are, for example, the shoulders of the shoulders are usually above the shirt. Check the abdomen and back where the customer is usually in their trousers – if they have a low cut, there may be a little more than normal.

If you look at the client's body before starting treatment In areas where the hair changes. They often give you a great job to ignite.

Sometimes, if you want to leave a straight line, you can apply ribbon wax to hair growth and then remove it in the normal direction. This is accomplished after completing the waxing body, comforting the edge he wanted to leave, then with a thin line – just one or two feet wide over the hair to straighten it.

This is a method I often use on the body side. The hair usually grows to the spine, pulls a wax line on the side of the body to have a straight edge and then remove it with the tapes as usual.

If you have hair, you are happy You can now mix. To use it, use the cutter, cut your hair slightly to the edge of the line, it will have some weight that looks better. If the client is particularly hairy, he may suggest that some of their hair is covered. For example, if you have a back and shoulder wax, you need to give up a chest dress to settle and become more natural.

The second technique uses ribbon wax this time to directly wrap the wax on the ribbon – not the client's body. Fold the ribbon together and gently squeeze the side of the two wax together. This reduces the wisdom of the wax, so we can now wax directly on the hairline, but not all hairs are removed and removed.

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