Athletes' hypnosis becomes more and more common. You often hear both coaches and athletes talking about themselves from the game's "mental" side. Hypnosis is an excellent way for athletes to fully develop this part of their performance.

Over the past three decades, Olympic athletes have begun visualizing as a way to prepare events. Since then, he has been accustomed to all levels of sport.

In the simplest form, visualization is simply a mental test of the desired performance.

For example, an athlete may imagine a part of a leg contest. You can imagine that the excitement was felt before the race, stretched and warmed up, approaching the starting blocks, starting the start and continuing until you imagined all the parts of the race.

Perhaps you could consistently sink the shot from three points or masterfully handle the ball against a tough defense

. Although visualization alone is powerful enough, in combination with a hypnotic trance, it is even more so. By using hypnosis, the effects of visualization come even deeper, because they come at the subconscious level.

Sometimes athletes work consistently with a therapist, but most often self-hypnotic hypnosis or hypnosis. The advantage of this approach is that it can be done daily or even several times a day.

The basic technique is to move into a relaxed hypnotic state and then embed positive suggestions

Like visualization, the athlete can imagine their ideal performance. They are also mentally trying to respond to different situations.

Often, athletes experienced a shift in peak time. This is often called "zone". For the athlete in the zone, both time and time seem quite flexible.

A baseball player can say that a speedball track was moving so slowly that he could see the ball sewn. For a basketball player in a zone, it may seem that the basket is a normal size.

An athlete using hypnosis will probably mention this state by imagining such a distortion in the fewest couple of sessions.

For athletes, the benefit of hypnosis is to continue mental activity without causing over-training and physical damage. We limit the number of free throws of an athlete for one day, but it is fundamentally not limited to the number of times that mental attempts are made for a perfect free throw.

As always, the results of an athletic competition are often determined by the formulation in the form. Hypnosis can give you an athlete you need for success.

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