When most people begin to study the mind-body-spirit relationship, they will discover that the heart will help heal. Unconditional compassion, pure love: intuitively know that these vibrations can transform lightness into completeness and happiness. We also perceive that a "broken heart" can contribute to the disease, and extreme anger can cause a heart attack. But there's more to your heart chakra! As humans, we have been studying heart chakra for ever, because it develops and develops, but here are the most common manifestations:

This is for most people self-evident. When we talk about heart chakra, we expect it to become part of the heart. High cholesterol, heart attack, heart attack: all of these are sensible. But the circulatory system also includes blood, which means things like anemia and leukemia. In addition, blood movement is caused by varicose, cold hands and feet, Reynaud's syndrome, and high or low blood pressure.

Some of these circumstances relate to other chakras, each of which has its own unique vibrations and symbols that are related to that soul and body. To tell you how deep and beautiful your body can speak, let's look at something that is clearly related to the heart chakra: the heart murmured. If you want to hear the body language, you can listen to it for a few moments – really listen – what the heart murmured! Intuitively, you can communicate with the heart and ask what secret hopes, love or desire you want to express. Why do you feel compelled to mourn instead of happily appearing in the universe? Heart sounds usually sound like an extra blow or "turbulence" in the blood stream. How does the heart's natural aspirations fit the normal pace of life? In the case of a weak valve, where can one retaliate in life – expressing dreams, then retreating and not respecting the deepest desires of the heart? Science recognizes the relationship between emotions and stress as well as stress and stress. heart attack. But these relationships exist at every level and every disorder. With conscientious attention, the secrets of the body can be solved, revealing the insights and healing opportunities at all levels.

Respiratory System

The lungs in the chest form a large part of the heart chakra. I can not tell you how many times you call pneumonia, bronchitis, flu or lung cancer after experiencing a great deal of prison. The pain stays in the lungs, and when we do not completely release our sorrow, our lungs begin to tear away the tears. The tears of the lungs and mucus are the tears of the lungs.

Emphysema and asthma often occur when people can not formulate their sorrow or when the cause of sorrow is too little to justify their full expression. With this fear to understand, pain will literally suppress it until someone or something enters.

Lung cancer is usually caused by extreme pain, combined with anger / frustration and a feeling of full exhaustion from unbalanced transmission. When Dana Reeve died in the lung cancer, many people felt surprised because they had never been smoked. But lung cancer sometimes appears in long-term nurses, even though they are very close to who they need to take care of (especially). Rather than direct anger to the spouse or child, anger is greatly overwhelmed in the universe: how can a loving God allow such suffering? Why, after all this care, is all this love, what we loved are still dying? In the presence of sorrow, anger and spiritual tiredness, this love begins to mutate, sometimes into cancerous cells. This is surprisingly many people, but breast chest under breast cancer is part of the heart chakra.

Immune System

In children, thymus gland plays an important role in the formation of the immune system. In adults, touching the thymic gland "reminds" the body to be strong against the infection. Each lymph node is extracted from the lung gland, which means that the emtireal lymphatic system begins in the heart chakra. Unlike circulatory systems, the lymphatic system does not have a pump. It requires regular exercise and / or massage to move things around and clean the house. Extending the lymphatic system needs self-care, self-love and attention.

Common Immune System / Heart-Chakra Problems? Allergies, autoimmune diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer (especially breast and lung cancer), influenza, AIDS / HIV, Lyme disease, Lupus, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Epstein-Barr … Swine flu … As humans Through heart chakra Develop. Not surprisingly, most of our great killers or the most commonly "communicated" disease live in the heart chakra.

Lyme disease and chronic fatigue sometimes are called "Seventh Chakras." In fact, both the heart and the crown have an effect, one of the reasons why survivors of this type of disease become themselves healers. Extremely wide, open hearted people often develop endangered immune systems because their systems are too "friendly" for bacteria. The solution allows the individual to feel completely and balance the essence and flow of love. Too much love, without getting the equivalent of love from yourself or others, can weaken the immune system. The solution is not to send less, but to allow me to get more love.

On the other side – in general, people who are struggling with an excessively active immune system,. Allergies occur when the organism recognizes the otherwise harmless material as an attacker. This defective immune system causes allergic symptoms. Some people with intense, "incurable" allergies have unresolved past problems. If these events are brought to light, your immune system can prevent you from attacking innocent people like food or pollen.

Breasts are an important part of the heart chakra, especially women. Breasts represent mother, education and female principle. Breast cancer occurs when the slow lymph and toxins stagnate in the breasts. Fibroids and tumors come from things that "consider their chest" as "I wish I could remove this from my chest". To support the breast health, let yourself be talking about the heart. And let yourself be listened to. It suppresses the deep desires of the heart or tries to convince the heart to feel that something else is capable of something less desirable. Depression, phobias, pain, fear, anxiety, anxiety: each one has at least one leg in the heart chakra.

Emotional Disorders and Imbalances

Between the three lower chakras and the three upper chakras, the bridge raises many inequalities between the bones and the brain. Therefore, cleaning the diet can affect both physical health and mood; Practicing meditation offers the heart's opening and joy-giving side effects in order to reduce stress.

What to do

Spend some time with your heart every day. Focus on your breath and allow yourself to feel the center of your chest as a recommended flower or a warm light bulb. Feel that the flower or the light blinks with the breath. Listening to the sacred songs or the harp can also move the heart fibers. Imagine the music flowing from the center of your chest. Reiki also gives you the ability to nourish and balance your heart chakra. Find the certified specialist or find out how to reset Reiki.

Generally, if you have any health problems, it is wise to ask your heart what you want to share with you and the world. As a culture, we almost lost contact with the language of the heart, but our hearts are still crying in strident songs and symbols.

] And do not be afraid. Helen Keller once said, "The best and most beautiful things in the world can not be seen, or even touching their hearts."

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