How do shoe companies pay $ 1,000 for a pair of shoes? They offer something else and have a reputation for quality. They can offer exclusive hand-carved designs, tailor-made, excellent Italian leather, high-quality title and high-quality history.

How can the spa sell prestige and treatments?

Why is it different and exclusive?

Why should you pay more? Before creating an exclusive brand, you must create a mythology. Seated in a bubbly whirlpool bath with mud and massage, just do not cut it off. She needs something to mysteries and intrigues. The spa can include ancient cures and rituals with native ingredients and raw materials to the lush full body blitz. Treatment may include exotic ingredients such as crushed opal, herbal medicines, and hot rocks and gems. Special techniques and procedures, as well as the sophisticated, uniquely designed environment that leads to relaxation, create a separate bath. Continue to expand your skills and learn advanced skills such as Reflexology, Rolfing or Pressure Point techniques to improve your spa's spa experience.

* What distinguishes it? *

Can we trust you?

The most popular luxury brands regularly invite celebrities to advertise their products. Who supports the spa? They do not have to be famous, but ideally they need to know them well in the community. Supporting the community and clients is one of the best ways to promote the spa. Customer testimonials are useful to prove that they have such raving clients who would offer their services.

* Do you have a courageous book for presenting potential customers? *

Reputation, no novelty

Classics are desirable. Fashion is constantly changing and the heat will be in a new position this season. The classic can not be replaced. The spa is typically characterized by pampering and relaxation. But the results are winners. The results do not go out of fashion – they're classic. If you offer innovative technology that hides aging or offers offers that improve appearance and functionality, or a weight-reducing boot camp, it's an easy-to-sell classic. How do customers buy top spa packages? You talk to them. It compares the stored objects, compared to the normal operation of the mill. You focus on specialized techniques and procedures and exclusive results.

* What's classic? * 19459005

Wellness is a new glossary for the spa industry. Anti-aging, health and fitness become synonymous with the spa industry.

Photo rejuvenating laser treatment recognizes getting older. Be sensitive to the marketing of aging clients. Just like a man who does not like to admit being fat, they do not want to say they have wrinkles.

Everyone wants to live longer, prevent illnesses, feel better and feel better. The spa sector is open to alternative and free therapies: Vibrational Medicine, New Age Therapies, Oriental Philosophy, Ayurveda (Ancient Long Term Science) and Integrated Modality. These free therapies are based on the conviction that the disease is caused by energy imbalances. The concept is based on the assumption that human bodies are formed of interconnected energy fields (qi, chakras, aura), and when a human body is bad, then the energy fields are unbalanced. These energies promote the restoration of human health.

] Biological products, health and nutritional supplements, massage therapies, holistic therapies and treatments are popular among wealthy people who need to improve their quality of life Trying to influence their own health. Customers want hope and often deny that they are old. Rich clients are welcome to receive wellness treatments and products, but are sensitive not to be angry or denied.

* Bathing creates Buzz? *

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