Is There a Wellness Definition? The word wellness is in news, social media, blogs, billboards, and conversations. Many refer to the "state of welfare" that is least blurred. The blurred definition of well-being and wellness means "state of acceptance or satisfaction of condition or conditioning, that is, what we accept, tolerate, ignore, attack, fight, or struggle." Wellness is the freshest word in the word Buzz with little understanding of what is wellness or how to create it. Interestingly, the Federal Drug Administration, the American Medical Association, or the American Pharmaceutical Association did not present the concept of wellness. There are, however, a number of criteria and features that accurately identify people who have lost their lives through illness, illness, dysfunction, chaos, anxiety, discomfort, drama or trauma.

The natural state that one can not choose from , Or you can only decide if the mind, body, spirit is decimated. Wellness is your birth; The purpose of life and the way of life. Designed to be healthy. Every aspect of human existence – mind, body, and spirit play a significant role in preserving human existence – provided that the system has the appropriate emotional, physical, and spiritual nutrition. Wellness is the multi-dimensional state of existence Positive health, as shown by the quality of life and the sense of completeness. Wellness is an active process in which to make consciousness and make decisions for an authorized and successful life. Wellness Dimensions: Emotion; Environmental; Financial; Intellectual; Intellectual; employment; Social; Spiritual; And physical.

The short term of wellness is as follows:

• Knowing my needs and the job you want to achieve.

• Expression of emotions and communication; Including what I experience.

• Actively – no passivity and aggression.

• A healthy nutrition plan (nutrition) for my blood. Avoid rusty foods, GMOs, medicines and medical pills, potions and parts of the body.

• Daily physical exercise – Avoiding natural foods, processed foods, natural remedies – discovering and eliminating the root cause; Instead of handling symptoms.

• Keeping your body weight within BMI for my height and body size.

• Developing proper physical activity and physical fitness.

• Involve significant activities and projects that reflect my most important values.

• First and foremost I like myself.

• Love outside.

• Establishing and cultivating close ties with family members and friends.

• Respond to the challenges of life with the potential of emotional and spiritual growth – not just with problems and suffering.

• Creating an ideal life, not responding to "what is happening – avoiding" shit ".

• See everything as an opportunity to learn and grow.

• I rely on myself as my personal resource and my greatest strength for life and growth

• I feel myself and others for moments – do not worry about it or do not mind the past.

Wellness is a lifetime of lifestyle; Suitably responding instead of reacting to life and circumstances. Wellness is a quiet and concentrated act while working with unconditional love. Ultimately, your personal character; Personality and courage develop. Healthy eating, social contact, work, physical activity, leisure and relationships are needed to achieve wellness. I wish you all your travel.

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