Europeans use saunas for many generations. In fact, it found the sauna in Europe – in Finland. They are used for much longer than North Americans and are much more familiar with the many uses of the sauna and what it can do for the body. Many North Americans believe that the sauna has lost a lot of calories or is sweating some of the body's poisoning, but the sauna has much more useful benefits to the body than just the two things.

It is known to cure joint pain, back pain, and basically any chronic pain. In addition, headache, migraine and sinus pain can be removed. Perhaps the cure, which is the most famous cure for saunas, the healing of cold and flu-like symptoms. It is hard to believe that in a small, hot room, sweat it, until you think you can not handle heat Heals sneezing and coughing, but the saunas have proven it. Think about it: People almost never get ill from colds or flu in the summer, but almost everyone (at least in North America) is sleeping with at least one cold in winter. The reason was not because of the cold weather. Even though your mother has always told you, walking on a cold floor on your bare feet will not "catch the cold death"! There are only two reasons why we are getting colder in the winter. One is that we are in closer contact with each other in cold weather and bacteria do not have to travel far and the number of reasons is that we do not pay much in winter

] Cold and influenza germs are still circulating in the summer, Because of the warmer weather, your skin sweats the bacteria (in most cases, anyway!) Before we even notice that we have pathogens in our bodies. Of course, when we go to the sauna and the sweat, it has the same effect as we sweat in the summer. Also, if you sit in a hot sauna in twenty or thirty minutes, your body will sweat in a much shorter time, and this will maximize your results. Not everyone will have the same reaction to the heat of the sauna and not everyone will be able to get rid of cold and flu-like symptoms with a sauna, but most of the population will be able to alleviate these diseases.

One of the important things to remember when you visit a public sauna when cold or influenza suffers to bring some healthcare products with you. I'm sure you do not want to pass your illness to someone else, so it's important not to disinfect the sauna area you were sitting on before you left.

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