Cancer is epidemic in the United States. Traditional methods do not cure cancer. They are prolonging life for a few years. Traditional methods eliminate cancer cells, but cancer often returns later. This is because conventional treatment does not do anything for the underlying causes of cancer. Traditional treatment destroys healthy cells with cancer cells and damages the immune system. In general, conventional medicine treats cancer as a death sentence. He has prolonged life for a few years, but he does not cure cancer. Traditional medicine is looking for "Cure", alternative medicine says that Cure is already present and Cure is holistic The approach of body, spirit (energy) in cancer

This article It focuses on holistic methods used to reverse the cancer. Holistic methods include natural techniques, methods and products. Historically holistic methods, methods and products have not been funded well funded clinical trials.

But there are many anecdotal evidence to support their effectiveness. Some holistic health clinics devoted to reversing cancer, such as the Spanish Budwig Center, the Mexican Oasis of Hope Clinic, and the San Diego Gerson Institute, claim that the five-year survival rate of holistic methods is better than multiple traditional treatment . Depending on the type of cancer, some holistic doctors claim that the five-year survival rate of the anti-cancer approach may be up to 90 percent.

Clinical studies of natural nutritional supplements are performed more frequently. Clinical trials are very expensive, not in the budgets of holistic practitioners, clinics and organizations. But the universities are starting. Of course it is resistant to holistic techniques, methods and products. After all, cancer is $ 100 billion annual industry.

In general, people suffering from cancer are opting for traditional treatment before alternating therapy. This brings alternative medicine and holistic approach to disadvantage. Traditional treatment (especially chemistry and radiation) causes serious damage to the body. So the holistic approach followed by traditional treatment tries to reverse cancer after the body has been greatly affected by traditional treatment. The holistic approach would be much better if the patient had chosen alternative therapy from the beginning.

With regard to illness, the holistic approach treats the whole person-mind, body, and spirit to bring the person back to good health and balance. Holistic philosophy begins with the assumption that disease is "dyslexia", an imbalance of the organism that needs to be balanced with the cure of the illness

The holistic approach first determines the causes of this imbalance, greatly reduces and / Or mitigate them. Holistic approach to illness includes the use of natural systems, methods and products to build body systems – the immune system, the digestive tract, the metabolic system, the lymphatic system and the circulation system. This is true of cancer. Thus, the first holistic practitioners identify the causes of cancer. Holistic practitioners believe that cancer is the main cause of weak and endangered immune systems, acidic PH balance and blood oxygen levels as well as carcinogens and other toxins (chemicals, heavy metals, and radiation) that mutate and spread cancer cells. We regularly swallow and absorb carcinogenic substances and other toxins. These toxins are in food, water, beverages, body products, detergents, the environment, drugs, and vaccines. Other causes of cancer include stress, negativity and negative energy, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, nutrition, that is, a diet that consists primarily of processed and prepared foods.

Holistic doctors and writers believe that all of the above causes leads to cancer – a weak and endangered immune system that can not stop the spread of cancerous cells or the formation of tumors. Our body regularly produces cancer cells. However, the normal immune system quickly destroys and prevents the spread and formation of tumors. The weak immune system is unable to kill cancer cells or to prevent the spread and formation of tumors. The main causes of the weak and compromised immune system are cellular oxidation and inflammation and low energy at the cellular level. The reasons for this are the reasons listed above. This is because it damages all other body systems (ie the digestive tract, metabolism, lymphatic system and circulatory system) and organs, especially kidneys, liver and thyroid. The end result of damaged bodily systems and organs is a damaged and weak immune system that can not prevent the spread of cancer. The holistic approach to cancer begins with the belief that the body can heal. All you need is to use natural techniques, methods and products (foods, herbs, herbal supplements, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants) to enhance body healing. As mentioned above, in a holistic vocabulary, illness is referred to as "dyslexia", which is an imbalance in the mind, body, and spirit of a health-damaging effect. There are imbalances and deficiencies in cancer that need to be addressed.

The holistic protocol discussed in this article uses the mind, body and spirit (energy) techniques to eliminate or greatly reduce cancerous diseases, the immune system, while harming other body systems and organs, and restoring cellular energy. The holistic protocol is designed to allow the immune system to kill cancer cells and tumors and prevent them from spreading. At the same time, the holistic approach restores the health and vitality of non-cancer cells to protect themselves from the spread of cancerous diseases.

The most important body systems that revolve against cancer The immune system and the metabolic system – especially cellular mitochondria and the cell-energy metabolic system. But the body system and organs work together. So all of them must be handled through the holistic protocol. This allows the body to function optimally.

The holistic protocol uses the diet, nutrition, vitamin and mineral supplements and other natural supplements to boost the immune system and energy. For the same reason it also uses vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and oxygen. At the same time, it also uses natural supplements that directly target and destroy cancer cells – such as natural kemo. The holistic protocol also includes diet and natural supplements for the removal of toxins (chemicals and heavy metals) stored in the body's cells. Detoxification specifically focuses on the intestine and the organs to work better.

An optimal diet for reversing cancer is a raw organic vegan diet (consisting of crude organic, whole, vegetable based foods). It is fresh from organic vegetables, fruit, whole grain, nuts and seeds. Raw materials should be consumed as much as possible. It promotes the immune system

This diet contains many salads with dark green leafy vegetables such as mussels, cabbage, spinach and rucola (green leafy vegetables contain many cancerous chlorophylls) and a range of colorful vegetables such as cucumber , Tomato, onion, mushroom, celery, beetroot, pepper, radish, avocado, green and red cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. Green gels, beetroot juices and carrot juice are good for shakes. These foods are full of what your body needs for good health – vitamins are minerals, antioxidants, fiber, water, oxygen and vital energy. When poured into crude form, it maximizes the intake of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, water and oxygen. This promotes the immune system

The fruit is distributed in a holistic world as the fruit contains sugar (though natural fructose) and sugar (as well as an acidic PH balance). If you continue to eat fruits, you will have low glycemic fruits such as berries – blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries. Avoid whole grain grains containing gluten. Gluten is a type of diabetes and diabetes. The best whole grain is quinoa because it contains gluten-free and high-protein vitamins and minerals. Brown rice is the second best but fewer than the quinoa nutrition for the same reasons.

Typical meals and snacks include salads, fresh fruit juices and slices. Eat plenty of nuts and seeds. Among the nuts are walnuts, cashew nuts, almonds and brazil nuts. The seeds include, among other things, pumpkin seeds, flax seed and chia seed. Nuts and seeds provide the necessary protein and fats (including avocado and coconut). They also help stabilize brain chemistry, which is important for happiness and positive thinking, which is important for a strong immune system. The optimal diet includes super foods with predbiotic and probiotic foods. Superfoods are filled with antioxidants including chlorella, spirulina, wheatgrass, chlorophyll, fresh onion, garlic, ginger, turmeric, blueberries, goji berries, acai berries, chia seeds, linens and pumpkin seeds. Garlic, ginger and onion also contain biotic foods. Also drink fresh water or lemon or nature to drink. Lemon and lime are rich in vitamin C rich in strong antioxidants. Probiotic foods are fermented foods, including sour cabbages, pickles and kefir (which is not plant-based). Prebiotic and probiotic foods are particularly important for boosting the immune system. The diet described above is similar to Gerson Diet, Bud Wig Diet, and Oasis of Hope Diet, discussed below:

Organic, this raw vegan diet is free from carcinogenic substances and other toxins of pesticides and herbicides. It does not contain poisonous GMOs. This nutrition contains the necessary vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibers, oxygen and vitality to help improve the body and immune system. It is very de-toxifying because it contains many fibers for detoxification.

The refined salt is toxic and contains no minerals. So use only fully mineralized salt, such as Himalayan salt or Celtic salt.

Remove or severely reduce meat and dairy products. If you include these, make sure it is organic and grassy / free. Egg protein and wild freshwater fish are the best source of animal protein's health. However, raw vegan diet contains a sufficient amount of protein (requires 60 to 120 grams of protein per day depending on size and body type). There are many proteins in nuts, seeds, beans and whole grains (especially quinoa). The vegetables also contain protein. Therefore, animal protein is not necessary.

Remove refined sugar and processed and packaged food. These manufactured foods are not real foods. They are not easily digestible. They are poisonous and full of sugar, and together with dairy products and meats, the acidic pH is predisposed. Acid PH balance and diabetes. Below, the need for alkaline maintenance of PH equilibrium and the need to remove or substantially reduce sugar (particularly refined and processed sugars) should be indicated. The aforementioned optimal diet is an alimentary diet and a low-sugar diet.

To reverse cancer, we need to maintain and increase cellular energy. Much of the energy is spent on the digestion and metabolism of the food (and on continuous negative thoughts). Raw vegan diet consists of natural plant-based foods that are easy to digest and metabolize. Meat and processed foods absorb and metabolize much more energy. This is one reason to avoid these foods. Continuous negative thoughts burn energy. The inattention and positive thinking techniques described below are kept in a relaxed state. We must dramatically reduce stress and negativity and stay calm in order to preserve and raise cellular energy.

Maintain the alkaline PH balance to reverse the cancer. This increases the immune system. Alkaline is the opposite of the acidic PH balance. Acidic acidosis nourishes cancer. You can test the PH balance with a test strip. These test strips show that PH equilibrium is alkaline or acidic.

Raw vegan nourishes alkaline. To maintain alkaline pH balance, eat raw vegan diet and drink clean water every day. Some people sell a gallon of clean water a day, or eight eight ounce glass of water per day. But make sure the water is filtered, distilled or spring water. It is best to filter the water with a strong filter that releases all chemicals and heavy metals, including sodium fluoride. This is a reverse osmosis filter. To maintain the alkaline pH balance, use only pure water and tea, especially vegetable tea and green tea. Avoid or greatly reduce coffee. It promotes acidic pH balance. Remove soda, soft drinks and sugary and artificially sweetened drinks. They promote acidic pH balance.

To use an alkaline pH balance, also use a few tiny water cups of clean water with a teaspoon of aluminum free baking soda and fresh lemon twice a day. This will help maintain the alkaline pH balance. Water, fresh lemon and Himalayan salt are alkaline. You can buy alkaline water

Make daily a good amount of vitamins and minerals – 10 to 15 times higher than the Recommended Daily Aid. The recommended daily dose is not enough to increase the body's immune system and cellular energy. Multi vitamins include vitamins A, B, C, D3, E, K1 and K2. Take a good amount of daily doses of colloidal trace elements that include all the necessary trace elements of your body. The body requires a lot of vitamins and minerals for good health. Whole plant based foods are important but not sufficient to transport all the vitamins and minerals needed for good health. This is because we consume or absorb a huge amount of toxins that we must fight with the fact that the soil has been exhausted by the necessary vitamins and minerals

The immune system and cellular enhancing additives are Ginseng (American, Asian, Siberian Ginzeng), resveratrol, complex vitamin B, Asian fungus supplements (reishi shiitake maitake mushroom extract), green tea and green tea extract, bee propolis, grape seed extract, quercetin, alpha lipoic acid and maca.

All diseases, including cancer, are triggered by oxidative (oxidative stress) and cellular inflammation. So antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents have to be applied on a daily basis. This increases the immune system. Take a good size of CoQ 10 / Ubiquinol. It's a super-antioxidant – and the immune systems must be flooded with antioxidants to fight cancer. Also, make good curcuma or curcumin (the active ingredient of the curcuma). Curcuma is a super food. It is an Indian herb that is both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Daily freshly bring garlic and ginger. Garlic is a super food and strong antioxidant. Ginger is a super food and strong anti-inflammatory. Make good size linseed oil supplements. Flaxseed oil contains omega-3 and 6 fatty acids that are healthy and help boost the immune system. Also consider hemp oil. Hemp oil contains omega-3 and fatty acids 6. Other seeds such as pumpkin seeds and chil seeds also contain omega-3 and fatty acids 6. Some experts recommend the use of fish oil for omega-3 fatty acids while others believe that fish oil may contain pollutants from the fish and the processing method. Thus, linseed oil and hemp oil are a preferred choice for omega-3 fatty acids. The whole organic vegan contains important nutrients and fibers that strengthen the immune system and cellular energy. The whole organic vegan diet consists of foods that contain lots of water and oxygen for good health.

A lot of oxygen is needed for cells to fight cancer. Oxygen also destroys cancer cells. Water contains plenty of oxygen. It also keeps your body hydrated with good health. So drink plenty of clean water. It can give oxygen to oxygen. With deep water, exercise deep breathing. Take a deep cleansing breath from time to time and make sure your breath is slow and deep. Buy alkaline water.

Do not consume soda, artificial or bottled drinks. Do not drink artificial sweeteners. These are made from toxic chemicals. During healing, rinse clean water, green tea and herbal teas.

Do not use refined sugar or artificial sweeteners. They are toxic and can damage the immune system and the cells.

To boost the immune system, you need to remove and eliminate toxins largely. However, it is necessary to remove the cells of the body, including the intestines and the colon, the liver and the kidneys. This will repair the immune system.

Take daily appetite and water for general detoxification of your body. Place apple cider on your salad. Drink water with diatomaceous earth or bentonite clay. Use psyllium husk and active carbon. Eat fresh onions. Collect trace elements daily. Drink fresh fruit juice with parsley and cilantro. Boil the water and add parsley and coriander into the hot water and let it steep overnight. Then drink the juice. This prevents chemicals and heavy metals stored in the cells from extraction from the cells. The body then eliminates them as waste

To boost the immune system, it is important to remove the intestine and colon together with the kidneys and the liver. For kidneys and liver, use herbal supplements designed to remove toxins. These supplements include milk bait and dandelion roots and other beneficial herbs. Drink unsweetened cranberry juice and eat the kidney bean to the kidneys. If your energy is low, it may be necessary to strengthen the thyroid in iodine and Indian herbs, called guggul gums.

Healthy colon and intestines are vital to boosting the immune system. To remove the colon and the intestines, you need to get rid of parasites and overgrowth of candida, which prevents the internal walls of the intestine and colon walls and limits their effectiveness. Inflammation and parasites feed on refined sugar, processed food, and acidic PH balance. So most people have candida overgrowth and parasites in the intestines and colon because they consume refined sugars and processed foods and have long been consumed with drunken sour drinks such as coffee and soda

. Alkaline diet, it eliminates sugar and processed foods and passes to alkaline PH balance. Then add herbal supplements that are designed to overdose candida and kill parasites in the intestines and colon. This includes a combination of wormwood, black nuts and clove extracts with grapefruit seed extract. Whole grapefruit is also beneficial for the overproduction of candida.

Finally, good digestion requires the intestinal nodule to be cultured in useful bacteria to function effectively. But often antibiotics, drugs and toxins destroy useful enteric bacteria. So recycling bacteria with useful bacteria. You can do this with biotic foods and fermented meals or with good probiotic supplements. This will keep candida growth.

Detoxification is important for boosting the immune system. Toxins (chemicals and heavy metals) which are ingested and absorbed are stored in the cells of the body. Swallowing and absorbing further toxins, which may damage the immune system, is essential during toxination. So a clean, organic, vegan, raw diet must be eaten. Foods in this diet contain many fibers, which help to cure the body, and because they are organic, they do not give toxins to your body. Drink clean water, green tea and herbal teas. Pure water and these teas help to relieve the body and do not give toxins to your body. It also uses body products (soap, cream, shampoo, etc.) and organic and cleaning products are toxins free. Take care of drugs and vaccines. Drugs are made from chemicals. The vaccine contains liquid chemicals and heavy metals. Do not use alcoholic or smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes contain heavy metals and chemicals, and alcohol is a chemical.

Fill in large doses that specifically destign the cancer cells. These supplements help the immune system to kill cancer cells and exert pressure on the immune system. These supplements include dandelion root, turmeric / curcumin, vitamin B17 (laetrile) (only in the US based on FDA based apricot seeds), black nut shell extract, arzneinum or hollow extract (especially in combination with iron) Extracts of seeds, colloidal gold (golden nanoparticles), soursop, pau 's arc, Indian black salve, bitter melon, thunder god grape (lei gong), modified citrus pectin pyrolycoquinoline quinone, milk cartilage, medical marijuana and cannabis oil. Some of these herbal supplements are also marketed in tea. Essiac and dandlion tea are also highly recommended for tumor reversal. Essiac tea contains a herbal blend, including the sheepskin, which is believed to be Essiac tea the most important cancer. In addition, blackberry essential oil, oregano essential oil and black cumin seed oil can be effective.

In view of breast cancer and skin cancer, Indian black saliva can be used with local tea tree essential oil for skin cancer.

A holistic approach involves the administration of high doses of vitamin C to targeting cancer cells. Vitamin C is a super-antioxidant that destroys cancerous cells.

Daily exercise and stretching are important. This improves the circulation – which is needed to bring the nutrients needed, the oxygen and vital energy to the cells. Practice includes two-three-mile walking a day, cardiovascular movement (which increases heart rate) and light weight elevation (which helps metabolism and blood circulation), stretching and yoga (this also helps circulate) . He must practice 1.5 hours a day. Get out in the open and get at least 20 minutes of sunshine on your arm and face as often as you can. This promotes the body's vitamin D production, which strengthens the immune system.

Mind is an important part of healing. With regard to the mind, the holistic protocol begins with faith. The mind can cause illness and help reverse it. To curb cancer we have to believe in the conscious and unconscious mind that we are healthy and healthy, and cancer is a temporary problem that we solve with holistic methods. Essentially, we have to be recovered, cured, whole, peaceful, and happy. This requires us to use positive statements to consider our negative to positive. If we think that the doctor has told you – that is, we are very sick and cancer is a death sentence and the survival prognosis is bad – you will probably be suffering from the disease. He also needs a lot of meditation, prayer and emotional release techniques to release all fear and concern and maintain a calm, positive, and happy state. Fear and worry damage the immune system, but can be overcome by internal work.

We need to reach and maintain a calm state. It is important to strengthen the immune system and cellular energy. Quietness prevents the body from producing cortisol – a toxin that damages the body. A relaxed state ensures that nutrients, oxygen, and vitality can flow freely through all the cells of the body through the circulatory system. A relaxed state requires that meditation, prayer and emotional liberation methods be used for anxiety, fear, worry, anger, anger, and so on. In addition, stress and stress factors have to be greatly reduced in our lives. This requires faith. This promotes the immune system.

While stress is caused by external factors, it is in fact the cause of continuous negative thoughts and negative conjecture. It is important to eliminate or avoid triggers. This is partly due to the creation and maintenance of strong boundaries and the absence of negative and toxic people and the environment

. Through the technique of consciousness, we keep track of our thoughts and feelings related to it. Use "distract and replace" techniques to turn negative thoughts into a positive one, or just focus on the breath or details you are currently encountering. If you experience negative thoughts, refuse to ignore positive thoughts, images, reinforcements, and prayers for negative thoughts. A holistic approach involves energy management, holistic health coaches, hypnotherapists, and bio feedback experts to relax, concentrate, balance, and positive the mind. This happiness increases the immune system.

Many herbs and supplements help reduce stress and relax the mind and body while increasing energy. This includes Adaptogens (such as ashwaganda, rhodiola, astragalus, ginseng (american, asian and siberian ginseng) and maca) and stress relieving and relaxation: 5 htp, valerian root extract, magnesium, theanin, chamomile, Including lavender, lavender, coffee, passionflower, skullcap and lemon grass, medical marijuana and cannabis oil. The warm baths (Epsom salt, magnesium powder and lavender essential oils)

Relaxation, sleep And rest is essential for boosting the immune system, for all illnesses, including cancer, and if you can get the job from work, take it. És élvezze az életet, legyen tiszta és kényelmes, stresszmentes környezetben, hallgassa meg a pihentető és izgalmas zenét, gyakran lépjen be a természetbe, kapcsolja ki a híreket, mindez segít a nyugodt, pozitív és boldog állapotban tartani, Ami megerőltet T az immunrendszered és az energiaszinteden. A mindennapi szívközpontú meditáció és a belső munka (beleértve a napi imádságot és a hálaadás kifejezését) elengedhetetlenek az immunrendszer fellendítéséhez. Ez az elme, a test, a szellem szelleme. Fontos, hogy az áldásokra és az életetekre összpontosítsunk (és mindennap köszönetet mondjunk), és ne koncentráljunk a betegségre és az életedben hiányra. Kezdje az élet áldásával és életben tartásával, és az alapvető dolgokkal, amiket szeretettek, háziállatok, menedékhelyek, étkezés, autó, munka, stb. Élvezhet. Jó szórakozást, élvezni az életet, bekapcsolni a zenét, táncolni és élni a Pillanat az érzékszerveid révén, és nem a folyamatos negatív gondolatok révén. Minden egyes betegségre, beleértve a rákot, van egy energiaösszetevő. Tehát az elme, a test, a szellem szelleme (energia) szempontja magában foglalja az energiatakarékosságot. A sejtjeink többnyire energia. Új életerősítéssel járulnak hozzá további életerő-energiához. A negatív energia kimeríti őket a szükséges életerő-energiából. Az energiakezelés feltöltődik.

Az életerő-energia áramlik a test sejtjeinek a keringési rendszeren keresztül. Ez az élet szabad áramlása az energiához és az erős immunrendszerhez szükséges. A negatív energia (alacsony vibrációs energia) megakadályozza az életerő energia szabad áramlását (magas vibrációs energia). Ezek a negatív energiaszulázások megegyeznek az érzelmi elzáródásokkal és mindig a betegségben nyilvánulnak meg. Az energiatakarékosság extra pozitív energiát eredményez a testben, hogy megszabaduljon az energiaellátottságtól és helyreállítsa az életerő energia szabad áramlását. Az energia-gyógyítás magában foglalja a Reikit és az akupunktúrát is. A jóga, a chi gong és a Tai Chi szintén hasznosak az imádsággal, a meditációval és a meditációs vizualizációkkal együtt, amelyek a testet életerő-energiával töltik be, és megtisztítják a negatív energiát.

Elengedhetetlen ahhoz, hogy napi szinten belső munkát végezzünk, azaz szívközpontú meditációval és imával, valamint meditatív vizualizációkkal. A belső munka célja, hogy felidézze a test életerőt, és rezgéseket idézzen elő, és egyúttal a belső békét hozza. A légzési technikák fontosak a meditatív vizualizációkkal való kombinációhoz. Lélegezz vizualizált fehér fényben a meditációban. Tartson hosszú és lassú lélegzetet, és töltsön fel vizuálisan fehér fényt, majd tegye ki a testéből egy vagy két lábat, és tartsa ott. Töltse meg a testet egy látható lila lánggal és zöld színnel (a gyógyulás színével). A szervezet pozitívan reagál a vizuális fehér fényre, az ibolyaszínű lángra és a zöld színre a gyógyulásért. A rövid gyors lélegzetvétel (kb. 20 egymást követő) gyors egymásutánban segít a rezgések növelésében. A magas rezgések a negatív energiát (alacsony vibrációs energiát) égetik.

Használjon magas vibrációs kristályokat, például orgonát, citromot és tiszta kvarcot. Tartsd őket a kezedben a meditáció alatt a rezgések emeléséhez. Az angyalgyújtás és a fluoriták segítenek a belső békében. Tehát tartsd őket a kezedbe, miközben meditálsz és hordod ezeket a magas rezgéskristályokat a zsebében. Az illóolajok az aromaterápiában segítenek a rezgések felkavarásában és a belső béke megteremtésében. Az narancs és a citrom segítik a rezgéseket, míg a vanília, a szantálfa és a levendula hozzájárul a belső békéhez. Az illóolaj tömjénzete a növénnyel együtt (boswellia) is elősegíti az immunrendszert.

Füstölje meg a fehér zsálya otthonában, és terjeszti a savanyú füstöt, hogy megtisztítsa a negatív energiát. ]Here are some other well-known holistic cancer protocols:

Cesium Chloride Therapy

Many holistic practitioners use cesium chloride or a combination of cesium chloride and potassium for advance states of cancer. Cesium and potassium make cancer cells alkaline, while cesium chloride inhibits their intake of glucose. Cesium chloride and potassium starve cancer cells by cutting off their" food" -i.e., sugar and acid.

Ozone Therapy

Oxygen destroys cancer cells. So, ozone therapy is part of the holistic approach to cancer. Ozone therapy is administered by licensed medical professionals. Ozone therapy gets oxygen to the cells by using oxygen or hydrogen peroxide. The most common approach of ozone therapy is to draw a pint of blood from the patient and infuse it with oxygen. The blood in the bottle turns bright red. The oxygen- infused blood is then injected into the patient's bloodstream. Ozone therapy may include drinking edible hydrogen peroxide mixed into a glass of water. Edible hydrogen peroxide can be taken orally when mixed with water.

The foregoing is not intended to be medical advice. It is holistic health information. Consult your physician for medical advice.

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