Guys, I have it, what would happen to a woman? Of course it is. Members of all kinds often wonder what it must be like that from time to time on the other side. Thus, hypnosis can really turn him into a man and a woman, or at least thought about it, she became the women's and experience things as a woman? The answer is yes, and advanced technique called feminization hypnosis.

feminization hypnosis is a special hypnotic process by which the male into a deep hypnotic trance and get proposals to create a state it where he thinks he's a girl. When you have had a trance feminization hypnosis is often a subjective experience level, feelings of being physically transformed into a woman.

In addition to feminine feelings of the object itself begins to display the behavior and traits of a woman.

Why would anyone want to participate in a feminization hypnosis. Some men really want to know what it feels like to be a woman. These people, what do most men would be nothing more than a quaint idea from time to time, or an occasional full-blown fantasy and try to actually make it true.

Some people just want to join their feminine side and it's kind of hypnotic procedure is a viable option for that. The obvious group of men who use a lot of feminization hypnosis would be for those who are transsexuals and transvestites.

beyond the completion of the conversion of dressing as a woman, hypnosis will allow them to truly become a female hypnotist using the power used by your imagination and the proposal

This type of hypnosis is incredibly strong. Men who participated in feminization hypnosis really feel the change in their body into a woman. They feel that a woman with a woman's body (breast and genital organs) along with all the physiological sensations that a woman typically feel.

So the whole process of feminization that occur positive hallucinations, which, if the subject is male sees himself as a woman, when you look in the mirror.

When a man in this condition he can begin to act, and act like a woman. He and others and the environment, like a woman. Similarly, it will do a behavioral level, as you would imagine that a woman can exert their influence, to the point of being sexually attracted to men.

Some guarantees are usually set in place this kind of hypnosis. The triggers are set to allow the man to move into the women's state and wish to move. It can also be set feminization experience within a certain time frame, if the trance state is terminated at a predetermined date.

Although many people would like to experience feminization hypnosis every once in a while and did not really have any desire to live as a woman is the number of men who want to live their lives as a woman at all levels. Because these people hypnosis connections to the mental and emotional state of a woman to seek that we experience every day of their lives.

This type of hypnosis is actually in constant mental and emotional conditioning, in which a lot of time spent to change the man for the purpose of hypnosis is a very deep identity level. This reprogramming should be carried out with the help of a qualified professional hypnotherapist and supplemented with self hypnosis audio session and take home.

While hypnosis is a safe and a lot of what we have been discussing here would fit very easily, like a stage hypnosis show, the kind of feminization hypnosis we speak to try to create deep and lasting change, not something you want to play around . Because this type of hypnosis seeking out the help of a trained professional, not only in the hypnosis, but psychotherapy or counseling would be advisable.

Source by Carl Sexton

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