It is defined by premonition as a projection of the future. Dreams are often the forerunners of the subconscious. But what is the basis of the scientific idea? In the future, before your own reality happens, time travel. According to Einstein's well-accepted relativity physics, time travel is possible when an object travels faster than another object, especially when an object approaches light speed relative to the other.

Earth and all its inhabitants Near the light velocity in comparison with many other objects in the universe. Let us therefore examine the theory of the paradigm shift in Time Travel and the relationship between dreams and assumptions. Einstein came to the conclusion that if two twins were born on the ground and one of them had taken a spaceship, he traveled a round trip to the twin bed near the speed of light and returned to the ground, the twin would be long. Subatomic particles investigating scientists reinforce the factual nature of Twin Paradox while accelerating the particles in large accelerators, such as the CERN Laboratory.

So it does not cover this assumption. He came to the conclusion that after the twin brother's trip he would return to earth, examine the historical books or diaries of the dead twins, and for a moment to look at the whole life, Two years on your own path

If you understand the nature of vibration in the body, especially in relation to the Eastern chakras, you will understand the nature of time travel in your body. When your soul resonates with chapters 7 and 8, it will move away from your own groundbreaking restrictions and travel near the speed of light to your partner in the approaching bed. This is what makes it possible to show the future in the state of dreams or meditation before it happens


For a moment consider that you are a photon of light, traveling from the sun. According to Einstein's equations, he travels at the speed of light to see the entire history of the universe from the beginning until the end of a single moment. This means that the time spent in the universe can be seen from the moment of great confusion to 14 billion years from the beginning, from the beginning to the end. Cosmic background Radiation was the forerunner of the future of the universe.

Because of the unique features of relativity theory, he disagrees with the conclusion that although the dual, the earth is only one or two years older, much longer has passed for the long dead twin and returns to earth to witness The future of his twin.

Everything in the universe travels Near the speed of light, in comparison with something in the universe. So it is easy to deduce that our future has been done, compared to the other observer of the universe, and our dreams and prerequisites are simply the electromagnetic signature of this observable future.

When we dream, meditate or otherwise get rid of the blast of our physical pot, we travel time travel. Then we are able to see the past and the future for a moment. We become like God, the light of the universe. Likewise, we can consciously shape our future because there is an infinite number of deadlines for all of us. Knowing what we want in our lives, especially with regard to the contribution to the higher vibrations of mankind, it enables us to shape and shape our future as the artist creates a work of art

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